KomaX DJ

KomaX DJ

KomaX DJ

David KomaX


June 4, 1980
Logroño (La Rioja) - Spain


House Progressive
Electro House

The origins of KMX

All this started as a farewell ... as the closure of the EXE KOMAX ... discs on which songs to put them when I went to a bar where you work a little season by playing music and serving the odd drink.

After that, the EXE KOMAX have continued to progress until the last EXE KOMAX was the ""EXE KOMAX 10."" Because of the criticism it received that if the songs were too long and because of that I had little desire to make records (and that my friends demanded to me, like a duty that had to do, if at all times have been altruistic drives) ... I decided to do a final compilation album.
Of course this ... on a single disc compilation could not fit 10 of EXE KOMAX ... so the last album in honor of the EXE KOMAX was divided into 3 ...
- The KMX Dance: Dance songs mainly
- The Progressive KMX: progressive songs

and finally another, in that length of time issues, I entered a session for more songs, as DJ was not then, nor had made any mixture ... and here came the KMX - The Session (first KMX).

The name, of course, was because it was a session and not individual songs as it had done previously.
Who was going to tell me that would be the most listened to album in 2000 on the holidays of my people?
Was so successful that I had to get another, and another ...

As an interesting anecdote ... I can tell you that when I was on the KMX 11, and already dating other people as a group of friends ... past 7 years or so ... I found that one of my new friends to listen to this album (the first KMX) ... told me that she loved those parties in August 2000 because he had heard that album in almost every village pubs and precisely because of the songs. Hehe, is that not only I like the disc. For this and more encouragement I've been receiving, I am now a DJ.

Thanks to all the people who follow occasionally listening!.